My Croatian Boyfriend

Date: 2/10/2017

By lazyoctopus

Okay so. I'm going to explain this like it actually happened. So I met this guy in the internet and we dated for like 2 years long distance. He was from Croatia and me from Canada. His name was Lukah. We were super close. Then we decided that we wanted to be together so he came to Canada for a three month visit. It was fantastic, we had soo much fun (hehe) he was tall , with green eyes and short grey spikey hair ( he dyed it grey) . Our first kiss the cutest. We were both super nervous. We were standing in my bathroom in front of the mirror. He was holding the small of my back close to his midriff and we were just looking at each other and giggling. He went in for it and I backed away. Not because I didn't want to but because I was worried that my breath stunk and I wanted our first kiss to be perfect. So he took a bunch of took paste from the counter into his finger and put some on his teeth and then some on mine. He laughed about it like it was a cake being smashed in our faces and we kissed. And then made out. As our three month visit came to its end we decided that he would just move in, but we had to convince my mom. She didn't really agree with our relay because he was 4 years older then me. But she soon caved and learned to like our relationship. So shortly after he was all moved in I started back at work and while I was gone he felt lonely, because I was gone and he didn't speak much English so he didn't really go out. So I decided to bring him to work. I work at a restaurant so I would seat him at a table and talk to him every so often but sooner or later my managers would notice and say that he had to leave. So I decided to hide him in the food freezers in the back 😂😂 I would sneak in there every like half hour and we would make out. Then like years later we are still together and he went back to Croatia just for a couple weeks to visit with him family and we were talking on Facebook one night and messages would send to him that I didn't type out in my account. Like " I hate you. " " I don't wanna be together anymore." " you should just stay there. " And I would be like no I swear I'm not saying this Lukah, and then we just shoved it off like it was nothing. He came back home and everything was fine. Then a week after he returned we found out that it was actually my mom trying to break us up because she wanted him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 but yeah. Best dream I've ever had. I woke up feeling legitimately depressed that he wasn't real. I felt actual loss. It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it too much.