Sensitive friend

Date: 8/15/2020

By Purple

Some background before dream: In real life, there was a friend I ghosted for about 8 years. We rekindled the friendship, but she is still someone who is extremely sensitive, yet also attacks for little to no reason. She said for this time around, let’s clear the air if there is ever any fallout. Well, there was an incident that I didn’t make a big deal out of, but she made mountains out of molehills. Her birthday was a week or two after incident. I didn’t send her a birthday card, and she didn’t answer her phone on her birthday. She had no answering machine or voicemail. I was really uneasy with both options: call her to apologize though I didn’t feel I was in the wrong, or let friendship fade. I chose not to contact her. This has been bothering me for about two months before I decided to try and let it go. Dream fragment: She called me and left a message, crying, asking to make up and wanted to talk things out. I don’t recall anything else about the dream.