Playing tag with Snape

Date: 8/19/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was somehow roped into playing this really epic game of tag, but we were also competing as teams almost like dodgeball. Snape was on the other team and I was bound and determined to beat him. There's this one girl, who I keep tagging her, but she just keeps arguing that she isn't out. "I'm literally touching your hand right now!" "But that doesn't count because it's below the wrist. That move is called feeding the chicken and it doesn't count." She does a little motion with her hand as if it's a sock puppet. (Like a chicken eating something) "I thought you said there weren't any rules!" We go talk to the lady in charge of everything and she explains all the different rules. "Those are literally so random," I say. "When I was a kid the rules were if I touch you, you're out, if you touch me I'm out, and if someone catches the ball, the thrower is out." (I guess it was tag and dodgeball combined) Finally I'm just like, whatever, and head back out to try and take down snape. It gets to the point where it's pretty much just the two of us left. I have to win for my team. I have to. We're out on my grandparents' deck, I'm in pursuit. Snape is throwing spells at me, but I'm managing to fight them off. "You'll never defeat me," he growls. "Hah!" I say as I appear behind him in a little puff of smoke. I'd been chasing him with a projection of myself as a decoy so that I could apparate behind him when he wasn't looking (like Loki). Snape is mad, and we go back inside where everyone has been watching the whole thing unfold on tv or whatever. I have to go on some other 1 on 1 match with this other guy, who I beat, and then Snape calls for a rematch. He's determined to beat me. Everyone tells me not to do it. They show me pictures of people he'd dueled before. They all have extensive scars on their faces, completely disfigured. Snapes mentor, a tiny old Asian man, comes to tell me of the story of when he used to train snape as a young boy in this workshop. And then one day snape got too ambitious and wound up killing another kid. The Asian guy warns me that it is too dangerous to duel snape. Then he pulls out these huge collage murals, the kind that take a whole bunch of tiny photos and together make one giant one. "I Will Survive" starts playing, but with different lyrics. "Oh I wasn't afraid, I was photo-fied!" As I dance around the 15 foot portrait murals, "I'm no photo, just got a photo for an eye, I'm photo-fied!" I'm jamming out, doing disco moves, my dad is laughing at me and snape is off somewhere preparing for our duel. Then someone came in and woke me up so I didn't get to battle snape with my disco moves😪