Married Justin Hartley and hid from zombie babies

Date: 5/4/2019

By levinelover

I was playing a part in the Little movie as an extra, and on the scene was me, Justin Hartley (he’s on Young and the Restless and Smallville... he’s sooo tall and hot) and another guy. The guy was trying to seduce Justin and Justin wasn’t having it at all saying there was just no chance. Then he saw me, looked me in the eyes smiling and said “you’re really cute, I’d be with you”. That wasn’t his line! I was confused whether he was improvising or really meant it, he looked serious! We looked into eachothers eyes, and he really seemed to be serious. I could really see myself being his wife, and I really wanted to be. After the movie I showed up at his house and went inside, it felt really natural. I didn’t want to be creepy and demanding, but I really wanted to know if he was serious about being with me. As I was waiting for him to come home, I was writing on one of his postcards. When he came home I was hesitant cause I didn’t want to come on too strong. He didn’t look weirded out at all but wasn’t in any rush to clear up his feeling either. Eventually he said he was serious and wanted me to be his wife! So I was. Justin Hartley was now my husband. There were all these crazy fake metal nails that looked like fake nails for a robot that were suuuper long and were thin coffin shaped. Some were metal with bolts, some were sparkly pink, and some were metallic pink. Some were really super kawaii and cute. I chose the metallic sparkly pink ones even though they were insanely long and glued them on. He was also like a super hero of some sort in real life, so now me and him joined together as a team in more way then one. My cousin Dina got measles, so my Bitch ex mom strapped her to a mini hot air balloon and sent her across the ocean. I don’t know how she convinced people it was legal, but it wasn’t legal at all and really screwed up! Me and Justin worked to catch her and find out what other kids she’d evilly and illegally shipped away. We started to unravel it and realized it was much bigger than just my one cousin. She was infecting babies too, and sent a zombie baby army to our house to stop us! The babies were in our house, and I hid under my desk away from them. I turned into a baby so I crawled under the desk and hid there hoping Justin would stop them so we could stop her and save Dina.