Friend on Heroin

Date: 5/29/2017

By seascarlet

I was hanging out with a small group of people, nobody I know irl. One of them was addicted to heroin, to the point that she wore an insulin pump full of it. Still, she was able to go a while without it and had lost her stuff before going on a school related trip with us. She wanted some just in case she started withdrawing, but didn't have an insulin pump, which I guess was required for use in this dream. When we were outside, I spotted a muddy bowl shape out on the edge of a soccer type field, about the size of a baby pool, and there just happened to be parts of insulin pumps sticking up out of the ground. I have no idea what one looks like in reality. These sort of looked like earbud wires with needles on the end instead of earbuds, and were attached to a pump about the size and shape of an ipod. I told the group that I thought I could pull one out of the mud and dirt by its wires without damaging it or being seen if they stayed on the lookout, which I managed to do. I cleaned it off and gave it to my friend. After a while though, I started realizing that if she got busted she'd implicate me, and I'd go to jail and have a hard drugs charge on my permanent record. She could also get a disease from the used needles and die, and that would be on me too. I spent the rest of the dream stealthily getting it away from her and hiding it on myself with great risk of getting caught, and up under my bathroom sink in my childhood home. I was worried either she or the authorities would find it before I could get rid of it, because having it was somehow as bad as having heroin.