On D-Mountain

Date: 8/1/2017

By HorizontalTwo08

We went back to Ursa Major Elementary to finish a grade or some thing. Some how (I can't remember) we got Into the mountains, similar to hatchers pass but not the same there was a lake with some falls. It must've been a Highschool event because many friends and acquaintances were there. Kailey and her friend were both smoking cigs and I walked up asking why she was performing such a nasty habit. She then looked down and teleported down the bleachers. To another set in fact. Raptors (fighter jets) began screaming by. This was normal since I leave near jber military base. I small dust devil formed and traveled over us. I heard an explosion just barely with in ear shot. (Also normal). With some gunfire. This was a normal occurrence as well I didn't think much of it. I had mentioned to my mother and other from school that something didn't feel right. Suddenly a fighter ( not a raptor) flew straight down on fire into the mountain side. Another jet flew by launching a missle at the jet flying straight away from us. It was hit losing half spinning out of control while falling apart. I yelled we had to find cover. There was an old building that had a basement. Every one quickly got in it. I then woke up.