Dinosaur World

Date: 8/12/2017

By Endeavors

I dreamt that I was observing multiple families of anthropomorphic dinosaurs on a planet of only these dinosaurs. It's as if they were the humans of this planet. However, it was the day they had to sacrifice their babies to this huge mountain. They would literally birth them there and the babies would turn into a vapor as the mountain took them. No one seemed that upset and I was really confused about that. But, some of the families had babies that would start to turn to vapor but then would start forming into a humanoid type thing. Once formed, they looked the size of a 10 year old human and they all built in helmets that they needed to keep down to be outside but could push them back when indoors. Whenever these beings formed, their families would freak out and be really happy and excited. However, it also summoned a huge quadrupedal dinosaur that was bent on killing the children because the mountain needed them. At one point, one of the killing beasts actually cried out to the family as he chased them that he didn't actually want to kill them but they were created to do so so he was compelled. After a time skip though, the beast seemed to have been 'tamed' somehow and was then walking with the family as a friend or pet type figure. I also found out the mountain served as the planet's defender against anything that could attack them from space. It needed sacrifices every million years in order to fuel itself. Somehow all the dinosaurs knew and were cool with it. Also I think all the humanoid children were color coded kind of like anime characters. Purple hair with purple eyes, green hair with green eyes, etc. They formed a group. Then I woke up. No idea what that was about.