Huge Mansion filled with Cake and Donuts

Date: 4/16/2019

By Darkness321

My dreams tend to be in parts. This dream had one big part and two smaller parts. I’ll start with the big part first I was in this big resort building the felt like a home but it was as big as a mansion. There were only four bedrooms and three bathrooms but there were three kitchens and multiple living areas. The most noticeable thing about this place is that there were multiple long tables just covered in containers of cake and donuts. Everything looked tasty. I went to one of the kitchens and looked for “actual food” and all I could find were snacks like Pringles and cereal. I thought this was a little weird I then moved to an entry to a porch area. There was a comfortable bed and I could feel fresh air coming in the room. I step outside to this pond really close to the building. The earth underneath me feels bumpy, almost as if there are rows of wood underneath that were taken over by Mother Nature. I step closer to the pond and my dad is there. Suddenly, what I think looks like three fish jump towards the pond. I then later realize that they were squirrels and they got startled by me and drowned in the pond. Me and my dad were laughing a bit to be honest and we were like, “What the f***??” I then went back inside and went down these carpeted stairs to a desk with a computer. I thought this would be a nice cozy place for me to do some work. I then go down another small flight of carpeted stairs to a large but cozy sitting area. There were four sofas and a stone or brick fireplace with a large tv on the opposite wall. Two of the sofas were up against the wall and I felt like one of those corners would feel super cozy and safe. There were also these metal Christmas decorations on the mantle of the fireplace. They looked like green and red metal plants or leaves. Also, the ceiling was 20ft high! I thought this was my dream house. But it was only a resort place to stay for a little while. Bonus part 1: I have a lot of dreams in libraries, and I dreamt I was in one and I found a book from one of my favorite graphic novel series “Amulet” by Kazu Kibuishi. It was new and somewhere in the middle of the series, but the author and style had completely changed. Instead of being kind of moody, it was even more cartoony and had vibrant colors. The characters were still there but the story was different and the characters acted differently. What’s even crazier is that some of the pictures moved like in the Harry Potter movies! The characters sometimes acted like anime characters with big Japanese texts appearing. I both liked and disliked this book. I missed the moody and sometimes dark themes of the previous books, but I also liked how colorful and happy the characters looked in this book. I kind of wish this book was real. Bonus part 2: I don’t know where I was. Possibly a fair? But there was this stand that announced there were new books for sale. For some reason I was really interested and ran to be in line to the point where I fell on the ground. Everyone had the same book and I managed to get one. It was blue leather and it had a yellow lightning bolt on the cover. I opened it to read it and it had lots of text like in a magazine. There were occasional pictures of equipment and pictures of polar bears, some dead. This book was about how the government is secretly killing polar bears to get something from them. Maybe profit? I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t interested in the book anymore and I put it back.