Date: 2/18/2017

By Dejachavez

Ok so I was this magical being and I had these powers and I could change into animals, anyway this guys sister was stuck in the underworld club place being sex trafficked or something so I was like ill help. So I put on fro clothes and I went down through this long black chimney thing and when I got down there this dog was like lost and I was in dog form so I helped it somehow. Then I went upstairs and I found the guys little sister and I know it was his sister because she was wearing the same thing in the picture like 10 years ago. I then tried to take her to leave but it was really hard to fly so I couldn't get out of the chimney and the guy caught me and stuffed me in this room and I had to turn into a snake to protect myself. I then figured out I could bust through the walls and the ceiling so that's what o did and I tried to fly out again but it didn't work and this mermaid chick speared me and pulled me into the water and I turned into a fish and the lady was like trying to get me to work for her and I said no, she was super cool though and was trying to help me get out. So I got his sister again and he came flying down and grabbed her and took her away and then I was stuck trying to get out off the underworld and I had to fly but I couldn't and all these creatures were trying to help me and so eventually I woke up and I can't remember if I got out or not :(