Kinda a chain dream kinda gross

Date: 4/28/2019

By devil_squirrel_paralysis

I was on the bus and i think it was a chain dream from that one dream where i was innthis room that was never part of my school but it looked like a greenhouse but it was also a shed and a bitchy teacher caught the people that were there vaping and she wanted us to go to the office but i woke up but that was on the dream that chained to the one from last night but idk if i should call it a chain dream because it was like the same room but the toommwas different like it was a regular room I was like on the bus and this girl amanda that i knew since elementary that got fat ehen we hit highschool was there and i dont remember anyone else but I remember see people that were familiar but they werw all talking when i got on the bus and i just sayt there and said nothing like i would usually do and then like me and amanda were in this fenced in area with just grass and a small tree that apparently is supposed to be pretty asf but it was young and amanda said something about the tree and then the bus went around it or something it was fucking weird after that i just remember everyone sitting down in that room like they were huddling and someone just pours random soap and syrup all over everyone and it was a fucking mess like hotobasic and i guess all the people just enjoyed it and then there was the random fat guy that i knew was tere because i saw him in a fat guy documentary and he just pissed in the air all over himself and i woke up at like 810 and im like fuck going back to sleep to that weird ass shit dream