3-30-19 Not All Story End With A Happy Ending.. The snake and horses.

Date: 3/30/2019

By Fox_Tail

It all started with me graduating from 7th grade, but I somehow graduated into 5th grade, I didn't care tho. I was there with some of my friends too, we didn't do much in "5th grade", we kinda just sat there in an empty room with windows. Then we all somehow got teleported back to the highschool, but a little diffrent. I was in 6th grade now?! I guess in the dream world I moved a higher grade, anyways, Sativa and I somehow ended up outside and there was a fence with a bunch of kids lined up in front of a bored with graffiti on it I wanted RLY bad for some reason. So one the "teachers" told me the if I had sariva on the other side of the fence and kick a soccer ball they would all move, so we did that and they moved (I never got the bored tho). My friends and I were now transported to a bus, we were all on a feild trip! But for some reason I had a huge snake in my hoodie pocket, nobody cared about the snake (weird). Later I was transported to this farm house place with a beautiful green feild in front and around the house (kinda like my dads, weird). It only had a few horses tho, not a super big feild, but there was this one horse that stood out to me, she was all white with black eyes that glisend in the sun, but there was one problem..she was cut in half diagonally, I didn't care tho, I absolutely LOVED her. Then another horse came by, he was a lot more bigger, he was her mate, he had a beutiful coat, he didn't even care about her difference that she had, they loved each other, then, I was transported agian, the the bus. I wasn't in the bus tho, I was watching it, it was like a memory from one of the bus drivers, the bus was different tho, the seat went down like usual but then the seats all went in a circle and the back bus driver sat there. I didn't recognize the diffrence tho, but there was kids on this bus, on a feild trip, it was all fine and calm until the back bus driver screamed, she got bit by a snake! One of the boy lost there snake that was in his pocket, we all knew what would happen next, the bus stopped at the same house barn? Nobody got out but the bus driver and the boys snake, the bus driver told all of us that "If a snake is in your pocket for too long it will have a tea smell" he didn't listen to her he was screeming and crying trying and tried to run out of the bus but the back bus driver stopped him, his snake was gonna get killed. Then I transported once agian..it was bad the horses were upset, the whole scene fashed for a second, it was teribble..that scene had a beautiful fawn *flash* the fawns head was cut clean off by something, she and him went to each other and cried. Then transported once agian back to the bus with my snake, it stayed in my pocket, (good) then I remembered what the bus driver said "If a snake is in your pocket for too long it will have a tea smell" we all got off the the bus back at the school and I smelled tea. Transported one last time..to the scene of the dead fawn cuddled up to its dead parent's with the mother taking her last few breaths of life.. Then I woke up.