Mister Golden Dragon

Date: 1/28/2017

By Thatjamesguy

I started out in a special hospital for monsters the government was hiding. I was playing a handsome young blond mam in his mid twenties. I was a dragon that had a human form, as well. my pattern was gold with black and red stripes along my back. I had my own special room, and I vaguely remember me having some sort of psychological problem I was there for. there was a woman working with me who was kind and sympathetic, though I pretended not to like her very much. I had basically my own little fake apartment in this Hospital. some stormy night, a tourist couple and their daughter came in and hid there for the night. the daughter was just a bit younger than me, we didn't flirt but I liked her and we became friends. Not close obviously, since this all took place in one night. her parents were borderline unlikeable. they kept doing things that pissed me off until I finally snapped. I attacked the family, eventually tossing the girl and her overweight, irritating blond mother out the third story window of this Hospital. I kept the father, planning to use him as a hostage. the mother and daughter drove off. as I watched them drive off, my anger cooled and I tried texting the girl with the number we'd traded earlier. I hated her parents, but I wanted her to stay with me. I don't know if she came back or not because whatever government was holding me burst into my apartment then, the lady in charge of me looking thoroughly disappointed. I felt a little ashamed, but I didn't want to be confined anymore than I already was in this Hospital. the workers kept their distance when they saw my guard was up, they were all human, and didn't want to get in a fight with a dragon. I thought I was going to be able to get away with it when a man came through the window. he looked like some kind of Eastern priest or monk, and had an archer and theif girl companion. the monk's face was stern, and it scared me. it became clear very face that he was some kind of Dragon Slayer, especially when I somehow managed to dodge his electric based, almost psychic attack. I fled through a window, transforming into my Dragon form to fly away. it was hard to dodge the balls of electric light, but eventually got high enough away that his shots were missing simply because I was too far away. I hid in an old abandoned building, sleeping there for the night. it was very cold and wet from the storm earlier. the following day, I returned to the hospital around dusk, when they were closed. I'm not sure why, maybe because that was my home. I ran into another Dragon, a young boy who idolized me. apparently, I ran a very popular shop in this world's China Town, and was part of the heart and soul of that part of town. my dream self had an 'oh yeah!' moment and remembered his past life out of hospital. I couldn't remember what had happened to me, but I figure it's safe to say I had some sort of mental breakdown that made me more childish and prone to fits of rage or forgetfulness. I didn't even care about the girl anymore. it was at this point that I woke up.