Date: 7/9/2017

By ;)

The dream started in a mall I was wandering around but not for long. I met up with my family once I decided I wanted to leave and we all got in a car I didn't recognize, we drove off and everyone in the parking lot was driving on the wrong side of the road but once we got back onto the main road it was normal. On our way home we got stuck in traffic because of a police checkpoint. They looked through our car and let us go but instead of heading home we went to a sort of cruise ship. It was smaller then usually like the size of a yacht. We all got on and the boat started moving, it went for a while before stopping and everyone hopped out into the water. However, as soon as the last person hit the water the boat drove away and parked again something like 200 feet away. Everyone started racing towards the boat and once I got there I saw that I was the first one there. Soon after my girlfriend and friend Matt where there too since they are also good swimmers. I talked to my girlfriend for a while then swam around with her before waking up.