Date: 9/26/2020

By rembrandt

i was in the military in a southeast asian country, and our mission was to go bomb train stations/railroads. even tho it was the military we were like a school class or something, bc we had a teacher. each time we’d go into a station we’d plant a time bomb in the ground and then unlock the trains so they’d trigger an explosion. we’d have to run out quickly, and every time it was fine. although sometimes we’re cut close and some people got stuck inside. i remember seeing a massive explosion in the distance like fireworks, across a large field. we all watched it. these operations were taking place all over. we also might’ve been terrorists, unsure. at one point i had to grab stuffed animals at the last minute because someone left them behind. later, i was with alexis and her two friends from study abroad(made up). we were sitting at some rooftop cafe, at night and looked down. there was a school court/paved area where people were playing lacrosse and soccer. still in the SEA country. then some boy came who alexis was with and i gave him an awkward handshake/hug while introducing myself. end