The Hotel

Date: 4/14/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I had been staying at this hotel for some time then. I was there with my family(Sara wasn't with us),the hotel was almost entirely white. You could see bedrooms and beds from the street. Those were like capsule hotels. I don't remember sleeping in there. There were people coming and going constantly. At a certain point an old lady was at the hotel. It had a lot of references to the previous dream I made tonight but I can't remember it that well. I just know we saw an exhibition. So then I remember spending a lot of time in the dining room of the hotel. I remember clearly that I had already talked to the waiter and he'd helped me to do something. I went there again to ask him something and I was moving around the table, he was stroking me a little bit with his hands. I wad kind of pissed off so I asked him to stop. He went on and grabbed my breast, his hands were everywhere. A guy made him stop. Now I remember that the exhibition was located in the same museum I always dream of. So after this thing I was talking to an old lady. Then came an announcement saying that the bus or train or whatever was broken. So she got off the hotel like it literally was a bus, I asked her if this was the right stop and she smiled then went away. I started drinking some milk. I was talking to people about strange things like nights out. It was so clear and so vivid but now I can't remember every detail. So it suddenly became night as I was drinking this milk with a straw, but it kind of spilled everywhere. There was another announcement and we could see from the outside of the hotel that everybody started switching their lights of and instantly sleeping. I talked to my parents about the windows and everyone agreed that the nicest one was situated at the very right of the entrance. It was wide and had white curtains, with no frame, no anything, just glass. Then we walked away from there.