this sounds like the plot of a really bad fan fiction

Date: 3/24/2017

By stanzi

dreamt about my house being haunted, the spirits would hold plastic chairs up against the ceiling and change their position. I eventually moved into college bc of this, where I was training to have a skill for the end of the world, which is when I met this guy who was really good at baseball and I was unbelievably drawn to, but he was older than I was, I couldn't tell how much though, but we decided to go on a date, on the date his 25 year old son, showed up (I'm only 19) and I found out hes like 52 so I get really upset and leave and avoid him around campus which is hard since we have a lot of activities together. then this storm hits and everything gets destroyed and me and him are trapped in this concrete building that fell down and we eventually crawl our way out for him to suddenly become younger which makes me happy and we kiss and everyone is cheering it on as they pass