little girl with pink tells

Date: 2/25/2017

By EmmySenpia

I had a dream that I met this girl and she also didn't speak English that well I think she also speak French? And my dream was like in this white room and there was like a little bite of a house in front of us and a tree she was by the tree a lot and i I tho her like horse died or something? And I think she couldn't find me for a minute and she looked up my license plate (and I don't even drive in irk so?) and my car and me appeared in front of her by the tree and I think she was talking or not but I think she was talking in French but I don't remember. Then I tried telling her and acting out with my hands and body and me talking slowly to try and tell her she could have looked up my license plate to find me? And she was looking at me like she was confused, probably because 1 she did look me up by license plate (and when she looked me up she had a lap top with her forgot to mention) or 2 because I was speaking in English and she didn't understand? But then she Flue up in the air because she was crossing over and I was flying next to her saying "I thought your horse died?" And she said no or something? But the weirdest part was when she was flying she terned in to a bat? Like an animal bat. And then she when on this horse that was white and had a Golden saddle and that's when I asked her I thought her horse died and not her then she responded but I don't remember I just said she probably had to say something that was no and then my dream ended..?