Date: 3/18/2019

By Talon

sara, Charles and myself were in some sort of apartment complex visiting . there was a pond that all the apartments were facing. i was walking down the sidewalk towards a corner apartment. i hear chattering, and saw that it was coming from some small orange and white birds. an orange striped cat attacked one and was eating it. the other birds were freaking out. i continued to walk and saw dead cats on the side stuffed between the brick wall and some kind of gray metal thing. there were so many. as i approached the door, i saw a sign on the wall. it said something about giving your unwanted cats to this lady. i could see a bunch of cats inside through the window. i came up to the door, and the door had a sign posted on it that said something about no trespassing. i knocked on the door, and immediately recognized the woman who answered the door. she stepped outside. i said to her, "you know my mom, don't you?" she was hesitant to tell me yes. i wanted to come inside, but she wouldn't let me come in. I don't remember what we were talking about, but i think it was about the cats. sara and charles were waiting for me down the way. they were sitting in lawn chairs.