I love vandalism

Date: 2/7/2017

By SelvJes

Okay so I had a dream I was at some fancy restaurant with some friends and we were having a good time. Then I thought "what if I'm dreaming?" Because let's be real I don't have any friends. And then I became lucid and I got so excited cus I've been trying to have a lucid dream. So there was a dollar store next to the restaurant so I went inside and a song started playing, I don't remember what song it was. Then I started singing along and dancing while knocking stuff off the shelves and throwing shit all over the place. The chick at the cashier just stared at me and laughed. I opened bags of chips and ate them and I just trashed the place while eating hot Cheetos and takis. And when I woke up I felt like crap because of all the things I would've done in a dream I decided to trash a fucking dollar store.