Zombie apocalypse beaten

Date: 4/27/2019

By Klui_Joesween

People turn to “zombies” by touch. We are ushered into a building with a large front room where we all gather to escape them but not everyone knows what we’re hiding from. We discover the reason why we were led to this particular building as we explore the back rooms. There’s valuable information and research on the computers here and our mission is to keep it away from the zombies. In the middle of a long and restless night of soothing children and tending to various needs, we look out the window to find that we’re the only ones left with normal electricity. The other buildings are dimly lit by something from the zombies. A scavenger team goes out in search of others who need shelter and come back with the news that the zombies can now walk properly, talk normally, and are getting smarter. Now everyone knows what the danger is and as we near dawn, the dim light outside reveals hundreds and hundreds of zombies prowling about in unison. We watch them make their way down the street, jumping at each window to find any people who are still clean. Any zombies who are in the buildings that the outside zombies jumped at, copy exactly what the others do. Before the zombies got to our hideout, we turned out the lights and waited. When they got here, everyone jumped of fright not knowing that was a brilliant idea. I took note of how the zombies reacted and I shouted, telling everyone to copy what the zombies do; choose one out of the crowd and copy its movements exactly. It worked and the zombies soon moved on. The next night we learned that though we were still clean, we had proved we were like them and we had dominance over the other zombies because we had light. All the zombies could make was a dim blue glow, but we had pure bright light. Then I woke up.