blading through the park

Date: 7/21/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

in this dream, I was roller blading through the park, well, not a park, but on a path. at 1st it was smooth, and I recall seeing an Arroyo that had much more water than I expected. it was brown and sluggish, but I recall being surprised at how much water wad in it. i crossed a rickety wooden bridge and had to stop at a park bench to repair them. the back wheel was falling off and I had to fix it to keep going. I was having a hard time attaching that back wheel because the tiny screw with a button would not cooperate with me. a pack of children belonging to a native American woman surrounded me then, watching what I was doing and bugging me with questions. one of the kids in particular was really cute, but had boogers hanging out of his cute little nose. there were many people at that park, and there was an open Mic on which people were singing songs. can't recall the songs, but they were ones that I knew and could sing along to. a woman with flowing black, robe like dress was singing like an opera star, but I recall thinking about how she was just showing off. I woke up 3X. like I have every night for about a week.