Old lady in the storm

Date: 2/18/2017

By Its_Thiago

This dream happened right after the tower with Agus: I find myself kind of lost in the road and I see people waiting in the bus stop so I and I talked to an old lady and suddenly I see that there's a big storm coming very dangerous it became obvious that it was going to be very strong and I could sense that the old lady was afraid maybe she could sense it too or something I don't know why but I decide to pick her up and help her get to the hospital because she was kind of fucked up and it was pretty hard but I got her there, We tried to get her medical attention and we found ourselves with a female black doctor and I ask if she could take a look at her and they find like a yellow glow in the tip of one ofher fingers and it becomes clear right there that she was infected with what was a zombie plague in the dream. So the Dr. decides that it's best if she took out this yellow glow so she cut off her finger but she did slowly and the old lady didn't feel any pain she was just staring at nothing with her mad eyes because she knew that she wouldn't feel any pain. I was feeling it! and the doctor also knew so she was looking at me while she cut through her finger very slowly watching me suffer I don't remember much more