Battle Cars

Date: 6/7/2017

By nohaboa97

It's an arena of sorts, a battle ground. I'm with the Achievement Hunters (Ryan, Michael, Goeff, Jack, Trevor, and someone I don't recognize but who is oddly reminiscent of Patrick, among a few others). We are battling with RC cars that fight to the death and although I didn't watch them, I know that Funhaus has already been knocked out. I also feel that although I can see the other players with their controllers through glass panes on the sky, I am fully within the arena hovering over my car. The sky looks a lot like the End from Minecraft. As the game has progressed, we've been slowly shoved closer and closer together. Now we are being shoved into a modern pyramid of sorts. It's gray and made of a smooth stone (reminds me of diorite or stone bricks from Minecraft). Upon reaching the interior, I remain above my car but the glass pane containing my enemies finds a place along the far wall, settled into the side of the pyramid. The pyramid itself has 4 small pillars extending from the desert colored floor upwards. The walls slant inwards at a steep angle and the glass follows this slant. Although I can't see the roof, it looks as if the top is missing because light is streaming into the center brightly. Once inside, the battle recommenses and I quickly flip my car into a more durable mode. I also tell the Patrick look-alike to do the same. I wake up.