Outlast 3???

Date: 5/14/2017

By darlinglolita

God what a nightmare all I remember is walking into some type of mental institution or asylum for criminally insane little boys I don't know why I was there maybe I was a therapist or trying to help them somehow and I remember a naked chubby ginger boy with very curly hair sleeping in his own filth and there was like a massacre of blood and guts and intestines strewn about everywhere like some type of outlast bullshit and they were all laying in them and laying in huge heaping piles of their own shit and vomit and they were playing in it like having food fights with the excrement like chimpanzees and also something about the ocean big ships and pirates and I kept drowning in the ocean lots of drowning and big waves pulling me under and the pirate ships breaking apart sinking and I was on all the ships sinking with them and I remember breaking a glass window of a China cabinet and i was scared some type of evil male step father figure was going to get mad and at me and punish me I ate all the glass shards and pieces to clean up the evidence and I was shoving handfuls of them all into my mouth like tiny pieces of rock candy so much I couldn't swallow and I was chewing the glass and I could feel it scraping and cutting the roof of my mouth and tongue and I could taste the blood