Afternoon nap

Date: 8/24/2017

By kaviyuki

I was at college. A girl came up and asked me if I was dating da Nel. Then she told me he was just using me and I shouldn't be with him. I didn't believe her. I knew she liked him and wad just being jealous. She was supposedly the president of a 'Nelson Fan Club' or something. The girls hated me. As I came out of the classroom my parents called me to get some money from the college ATM. I forgot how much it was. It was a pretty large amount. Then I shoved it into my bag and came out. And suddenly the bottom ripped, and the money was spilling everywhere on the ground. People looked at me like some sort of a criminal as I desperately picked up the bundles of cash. It was like a nightmare. Then I ran into my old class teacher. She left her handkerchief in the staff room so she asked me to get it for her. Then I saw a 12 year old da Nel waiting in the hallway. He told me I'd left my hanky and he was bringing it to me. I asked him to wait for me there and went to the staff room. But it turned into an old kid's bedroom as I entered. It was supposed to be my teacher's son's room (which turned out to be Nel). It wasn't just a room. I saw his childhood in it; his mischief and struggles. It played in my head like a video. It almost swallowed me up. I climbed up the stairs and saw the hanky lying on the bed. It was a peachy pink with something embroidered on it. I got it and climbed down the stairs, which was made of only a wrought iron bar for each step (which looked really dangerous like you could fall to your death anytime) and I thought it must have been really hard for him growing up in such a room (metaphor for his childhood). I met him afterwards and we were just doing normal couple stuff. Walking hand in hand and taking pictures. He hugged me.