zombie apocalypse and dinosaurs??

Date: 2/4/2017

By tjhj

So I dreamt I was returning home after a distress call from my fam and I rode this weird above ground subway. When I got there, shit was crazy. People were ripping off their skin or running around and eating their skin and apparently it was all at the will of this leader zombie dude. Like once you were infected or chosen, that's it. You're dead and are pulling off your skin. I saw him and he was completely red (cause he had no skin) with a long mane of black hair. He gave me this malicious look and flew off on his red (cause it had no skin) fucking zombie dragon. Someone said that I needed to go to the sanctuary and that the train would take me their. Suddenly a flying subway car/bus thing comes and I hop on and it takes me where I need to go (I had a quick romance during the trip but he abandoned me. The glorious bastard). I get to like the center of the highway and pull up the ground. I drop down and a fucking dinosaur greets me (the herbivore with the big head) and says my name and they know all and I'm welcome to stay as long as I find a way to stop the crazy zombie guy above ground.