late to school + grandpa

Date: 8/14/2019

By mgold15

so i was getting ready for the first day of school (which for some reason was also exam week) and it was pouring out so i needed a lot of layers. everytime i would walk downstairs i would forget something. i literally was late to school. aka, school starts at 7 am and i was ready by 9 am. anyways i finally get ready and go downstairs and my mom was just chilling waiting for someone to come over. i was panicking and yelling at her that we had to go. she said no because she was waiting for someone to get here. okay here was a side plot. previously, i had this weird “grandpa” who was kind of short and just super odd. he was over at my house and was talking to my mom about my first day the next day. i dont know how but they ended up talking about how my “grandpa” was trans. anyways he didnt have a doctor so my mom said if she got him to come into one appointment she can get him the hormone stuff. okay back to the original plot kind of. so FINALLY after waiting, my “grandpa” shows up and im going to my car and he’s like “hey kiddo, hows it goin?” and hugged me but it was super weird because he wasnt touching my arms. anyways that was pretty much it.