Meeting an old "friend"

Date: 7/23/2019

By SNM766

In real life there's this guy I used to be friends with and he has something on his phone that I really need him to get rid of and in my dream I was in Australia (where he lives, I live in America) and he was getting on a bus and I ran towards him and I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and I kicked him in the balls and I said "Gimme your phone or I'll kick you again where the sun don't shine" and he gave me the phone and it was unlocked and I started scrolling through it trying to find what I need deleted but I couldn't find it anywhere not even in locked files and then his bus was about to leave so I made him promise to get rid of it but I knew he was lying when he said he would but then he got on the bus and the bus drove away and there was nothing I could do