Climbing Club, How to Make a Virgin Cum

Date: 3/6/2019

By Fitful

I was out with my mother, once again living with her and my grandparents I the country. Now we were out and hungry, we had no money. We had been on errands and she met a gray haired woman who left a card accidentally. It turned out to be for a club. We stumbled upon this club by their food. They had this amazing buffet of food and we were so hungry. But the food was only for members. So we decided to sign up. Or we wanted to look into it. It's was a climb for climbing we found out, you perfected your time over the course of a year and at the end you fought to get the eat time climbing trees in the winter. Very very tall trees in the mountains. They also covered other sports too, of s similar racing vein. I was very very focused on getting us both signed up, we stood in line and the grey haired lady recognized my mom and directed us to Charon, a blonde chick who led us to her office. My mom was barely inside her office when Charon told her to go get a motel, that we'd be staying a while since we were signing up. I felt bad but let my mom leave, not sure if it was a good idea but deferring to Charon. Once she was gone Charon relaxed considerably. "Now you can be bad" she said "let your real self out." I didn't understand what she meant but she shook her head. I told her I didn't keep much from my mother, she knew almost everything. I was confused at her comment. "Your mother is the most boring woman alive. She's dragging you down. You need to do this alone." I shook my head and considered ways to comply, sensing she really really wanted just me. "Well I do worry about her health doing this, she's too old and weak to do this. And I worry about my health too actually. But my health tends to get better with physical activity sometimes so..." I guess I agreed to do it alone with her just as my witness, each person took someone out into the woods to witness their time and speed as they clobed trees. My mother came with me for a test run. We bumped into a guy climbing. He used the same equipment we were given, hooks and nylon Cords and stuff. He said you could win 20mil as the big one he was training for. I was shocked. "So this thing really works then, I could really make real money? 20mil or ten or twenty thousand or a thousand or five hundred?" "Yeah, any of that. All of that." He wiped off sweat from the face which peaked out of his colorful winter gear, he wore blue. He seemed really Gung-ho and endorsed the job. "I'm still receiving checks..." he went on to talk about his prior wins and the checks which kept coming in the mail he had yet to cash. I was sold. I decided maybe I could begin practice at him, on our smaller trees first. ~ This guy knew the number one way to get a virgin to cum the first time and he was teaching it to someone, a guy who was about to be with a girl who was a virign. "First you get her to take this," it turned out to be cocoaine but in the dream that wasn't serious, it was a minor drug. "Then once she's all wet you take out this," it a frozen ice cup, a cup made of ice which looks like something your grandma would drink out of, you know like those old yellow brownish crystal cups. But this one was ice instead. "Then you insert it into her and push it to the top" there was visual to illustrate but it was comical and cartoonish. The pussy stretched to accommodate the glass and the rim of it touched the top wall, (there seemed to be no other walls really the girl was only pussy and legs in the cartoon illustration,) and made a suction as the top had flattened out horizontal just as her legs were like doing the splits and parallel to them. "Once the suction is there you pull..." And again cartoonish the cup pulled out sucking some vagina pink unto it before releasing it entirely with a pop. "Then automatically some pumpkin is squirted into it," from the cup, "and she cums, spontaneously. Like magic!!" The girl this had been done to, who had served as illustration, who was with the guy being taught was so happy she hadn't needed hard drugs to cum. She sorts brushed aside the one she did take and seemed to find the experience a success.