Gore Farm

Date: 8/5/2019

By skunksauce

I am looking for a job. I go to a farm. the farm Is owned by a couple. one redheaded woman who looks to be in his late forties early 50s and a man who looks a little older. I am getting interviewed by them, but so is Matthew Godfrey. They explain to me that this job had special qualifications and you had to do things right. Then a minecraft inventory screen came up and they asked me to sort it. I put all the blocks together as they should be. it was wrong. they told me I fucked it up. I then tried making a picture with the sortings. Matthew was asking questions about how the job would be different if he just worked in manufacturing. The couple looked surprised and said something along the lines of, "oh then none of this interview matters for you sweetie". I forgot to mention, we were sitting in a little room. The couple was sitting at a counter with a cash register on it. An open doorway to the right and an open doorway behind us. a closed one to the right. The doorway to the right leads to a sort of plant area, like an indoor herbarium, and then outside. the door behind me led to something else. The couple led me to the backroom, which turned out to be a torture room. They showed me different ways to work the machines. One I remember in particular was a little bag you put someones head in, close it with a drawstring, press a button, and they're decapitated. I dont remember much at this point. I do remember the dream led elsewhere and I vaguely remember a shopkeeper telling me I had an option to buy all torture devices and uses in a grid.