Angel and Pegasi? [8/28/19]

Date: 8/28/2019

By BlueMoon

Please be aware neither of these dreams have religious bearings. <3 DREAM 1 _________ So, first dream, there were two angel-like creatures. Not ones from the Bible, these ones were like humans but with wings and feathered tails. They were sisters, both having blonde hair and intense blue eyes. The younger sister, and “main character”, was named Alemura, but I don’t know her older sister’s name. They were trying to escape from... some place. I don’t know where. There was another person that Alemura knew, a boy her age with grey-brown hair, and he was her friend. She didn’t want to leave him behind, but there was no other way. While in the hallways, they accidentally stumbled upon said boy. He was surprised and happy to see them, as usual. They didn’t give away their escape plan, and it seemed he didn’t really notice the oddity of their situation. Seemed. Alemura had turned away for a moment and when she looked back, in the place of her friend stood a demon. He held up a scythe, or sword or something, with the obvious intent visible. In this world, if a demon kills and angel, they are not able to be reborn into new angel forms. They are bound as spirits to their killer until, I suppose, they are deemed to be released. The scene cut, but I already knew what happened. Alemura and her sister were killed. Next thing I saw, Alemura was in an industrious looking building, sitting hunched over a screen. She had lost her wings, but still had the feathered tail. I don’t know where exactly they were, but it was a building filled with mostly demons. After Alemura and her sister were killed, they were brought to the institution to learn. But this was no normal school... far from it. On the screen she was answering, each question had three possible answers. If you got it right, you were safe. If you got the... second closest answer, you were speared. Not in a vital organ. There were vigilant healers that would quickly patch you up, and you’d go right back to learning, but... pretty violent, right? And if you got the farthest answer... well, I don’t know. You didn’t die, but it was surely something bad. After Alemura finished the testing, with a few untimely spears, she returned to her room under the many stares and insults of passing demons. DREAM 2 _________ For some reason, I was invited to a party with my brother’s friends. It was weird, because neither my brother or his friends really talk to me. But nevertheless, I got dragged along. It seemed like everything was going normal, albeit still weird for me to be there, when we were called downstairs. I suppose now is a good time to mention that we weren’t in a house. We were in... well, I don’t know. A mansion? Palace? No. Maybe some kind of huge center, or mall. But it wasn’t shopping. We were in a normal sitting room, but I’ll get to some of the building’s other areas later. So anyways, we’re called down and walk into an eating room where everyone’s parents are having a meal. My brother and his friends all know something I don’t, and they wait patiently for it. Suddenly, a door of sorts (very futuristic looking) is opened and a man stands there, beckoning for them to get it. Inside is a shuttle. I don’t know where they’re going so I don’t follow. The guide man shuts the door and my father realizes I didn’t go. He is adamant that I do and sends my mother with me. The two of us rush downstairs and onto the next shuttle, where we eventually meet back up with the boys in a connected shuttle room. Then we’re waiting in line for tickets, and I ask my mom what’s going on. She tells me we’re going to a place of magic. My brother and his friends have been there before. Apparently it’s a very secretive building, and you get a Pegasus partner from going there. <Yeah, I know. Weird dreams. At least in this one no one is brutally murdered... Sorry Alemura.> After we get the tickets, we enter a HUGE, cavernous room. It’s grey and white, with lots of plants and trees and natural light. It’s filled with bustling people walking to and fro. Suspended platforms make up our floor, but below I can see another level. We’re walking at a hurried pace when suddenly my mom goes to the edge of the platform and I can’t see anything beyond except empty space. She’s walking forward quickly, and I rush to grab her shoulder when suddenly a whole new platform stretches out and I’m left hanging on to the swinging fence gate. Everyone laughed at me, but I was still freaked out. So then I manage to get back and have to run alongside them from the other platform. At one point I lose sight of everyone. And then the dream ended.