Sex Dream Turning into a Nightmare

Date: 5/6/2017

By Tati52

my body was vibrating and my head was hurting. While my body was vibrating I heard boys outside of my door laughing and joking around. I opened my eyes and seen my crush coming towards me hesitating to kiss my neck like if he was nervous or something. So I'm like "Don't be afraid" then he started smiling then he started kissing my neck so I'm like "yesss right there" then he slowly made his way further down towards my vagina! Then he started eating my.... (wow this is embarrassing explaining this). okay anyways, out of nowhere we ended up in a room with black walls and a spotlight on us so I looked down and seen him eating both of my legs . So I'm screaming and shit then he disappeared. Then I saw a tall man with a trench coat transforming into Freddy Krueger so I'm dragging myself away from him screaming, Because apparently my legs has been eaten away by my crush ! Then I woke Up!