my head hurts

Date: 2/3/2017

By figen

I am in my bed. I can hear my house telepathically whispering to me. I can't remember what it said, but it was essentially one phrase over and over again. I can't move, and think that this is probably sleep paralysis or something. I close my eyes, and can see colors floating around. I remember that sleep paralysis is useful for something. It takes me a second, but I realize I could try to enter a lucid dream with it (which is ironic since I'm already in a dream). Suddenly I realize I'm in a McDonald's bathroom. Every 5-10 seconds I get a ringing in my ears, only the ringing is insanely loud, and my vision gets blurry, too. The McDonald's bathroom is really high tech, and there are staff members everywhere to make sure nobody poops in the urnial or something, I don't know. I start peeing in a giant bowl thing, and reflect on how advanced this bathroom is. My head is still pounding as I'm thinking. Then I remember that there was a new law to have really good bathrooms in stores, so that's why it was so advanced. I also realize that the head pounding is a result of the telepathy used by my house on me. I start stumbling out of the bathroom, and head into another room. I see my dog is under a giant bed. I try to get her to come out, but she just runs around under the bed. I hear someone screaming. It wasn't even a frightened scream, it was like an emotionless one. But that's what made it creepy. Anyway the dream then ended.