Simpsons Videogame/Ride Hybrid At Blackpool

Date: 9/12/2019

By WhoPotterVianOffTwitter

I was at an attraction in Blackpool that had labelled itself after The Simpsons Ride I know exists in America, I think it was supposed to be in Blackpool Tower. It was this strange videogame/theme park ride hybrid, where you are controlling the Simpsons characters on a screen in a platformer game whilst following them along in a cart. Afterwards I visited the gift shop, but there were hardly any Simpsons souvineers there. There were a few items branded after Duff beer and the Kwik E Mart, but for some odd reason a lot of the souvineers were for North Yorkshire County Council (Blackpool isn't even in North Yorkshire!). I asked my Dad if my Mum would mind buying me a souvineer and I pay her back later because I'd forgotten my wallet, but I couldn't find anything worth buying.