Love and souls

Date: 7/2/2017

By SkyEyes

Imagine a lot of souls hanging in the sky, one which is quite some different from ours. No bodies, only souls. Most of the souls you see here, are just sleeping or staring at nothing in particular. But in the midst of all these souls you also see 2 souls which are intertwined. One of these souls is kissing the other on its neck, sending a lot of positive vibes and energy into the other. That was me. And you were struggling, baby. Clearly in pain and suffering, your soul was not able to store any of my love within yourself. Your soul dissipated all of my love. I could see how much you were hurting but not how much I was. I let you go, as you needed to find yourself alone. Away from me. I let you go even though it hurt me like crazy and I can't stop thinking about you. I let you go because I want you to stop suffering. I let you go because I want you peaceful and able to love, once again. I let you go because I loved you more than me. And I will always love you.