Alien Scan, Quartz Pyramids, Vegan Waffles

Date: 7/14/2017

By Fitful

I was in a house, old and Victorian. Blue I think, although it's more like prior knowledge not me having seen it. I was on the third floor in my bedroom which I was quite familiar with. It was my room, and I could see out my window from my bed, my nightstand was strewn with familiar things. My family had been visited by aliens, so I knew what to expect. I was told all they did was scan, and what would happen. I guess we had talked about it. But I was still nervous. I thought they'd come in the night time, but I was dozing, half asleep, and they came during the day. Or perhaps that was the dream within the dream, that they came during the day. It was bright sunny blue out, and suddenly it was dark because a pyramid of a spaceship hung outside my window. I watched as it moved slowly over the rooftop, just the tiling and ceiling between us. My night stand had familiar things on it, my white apple computer which was half on the bed and when I moved to watch the ceiling fell completely onto the bed. My white phat psp, and white ds. And I think i had a kindle, or a phone. But I don't remember. I do remember a huge, I mean larger than my laptop for the base, pyramid of smoky quartz on the nightstand. It seemed to talk to the spaceship. This was anothet familiar thing I had, but from my research into buying one of these things irl, it would cost thousands for one this size. Anyway, I fell back on the pillow and watched as a small square hole was cut in my ceiling. And a red beam of light shot through. It scanned the tech first, which I knew it would. I was slightly concerned it would harm it with the scan. Then the thing found me. I remembered, not to panic because it would hurt, but it did and didn't hurt. When the bean realized it had found a live specimen it redouble dots efforts and the scan took on more strength to probe deeper. It felt, while not painful, invasive and odd. Kinda like a bubble was tasting your DNA. However that feels. I felt frozen, my body in rigor almost, while the scan happened. Then I fell asleep. When I woke, this is still in the dream mind, it was truly morning. And it was Sunday. My family as downstairs and we had plans to have vegan waffles for breakfast. I wanted to go to a Diner and eat real ones, vegan waffles are made with oil and it sounded disgusting. So I was actually reluctant to get up. I didn't check all my electronics and they worked fine. I kept feeling like I forgot something. Like I had written something down on one of them and it was missing. I noticed I didn't have a phone in the lot after all. I might have fallen asleep because I looked out my window and there was a red headed girl in jeans floating on sensation outside, like a balloon on a string. Her red hair streamed down equal to her feet, her body creating a crescent moon, unconscious she was. It was bizarre, because when I opened my eyes (still in the first dream) I didn't see her. But when I closed them again, there she was. I didn't actually go back to sleep after that.