Snippets of odd dreams on childhood and dream magick.

Date: 6/17/2019

By Fitful

Baby brother was born when his sister was a baby merely for the purpose of giving his immortality to another. He passed away peacefully and the parents never told their daughter about it. He was meant to be born later. ~ My dog had a very long leash and got stuck across the street's intersection and wouldn't come and almost got hit by a car. ~ I was having a chat with two of my siblings, they were young. I was talking metaphorically about some guy who was amazing and who I had contacted via the mental landscape, who I was literally in conversation with while I talked to them. They told me word for word what I was saying there in intelligent summary. I was floored that place was real as I had made it, a kind of childland just for me in my head, and I immediately wanted to add a ballpit now I knew it was real. ~ They were paid or paid a baby ¢15 to give immortality away to an important personage. ~ I met someone, a romantic someone, who gave me a bank account full of millions. Mostly it was so they'd be comfortable when visiting me in my city but they specifically said it was mine even if we broke up. Oftentimes they added millions to it. I felt very attached to it but also embarrassed. ~ I learned this Victorian man's routine as he came home from work. I knew exactly where to put his coat and things and what to get out of the kitchen. He was surprised but when he checked I did everything perfectly. He was my father perhaps, or guardian. And he looked suspiciously like Severus Snape. ~ I was emailing many family members and people I knew. I gave each one different emails I had and sent them all enmasse. I literally had something to say to the whole clan but I didn't want them to be able to message me back easily. I think it was my grandmother's idea or she made me or she was waiting to hear from me.