keep waking up

Date: 7/15/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

another night of waking up a few times to have to pee. starting to get annoying. but what I remember is running from the police. I did do something bad. I think I robbed a bank. But it was only like $200. I remember being at a apartment complex and driving around trying to hide what I did from the police who were chasing me. Didn't really look for me. The Fall Guy was a young black dude which is kind of no surprise. I remember fighting again. Video game style where I was controlling the protagonist and we were fighting against demons and stuff kind of liked on Diablo. fighting within the confines of am apartment in a complex. I recall leaving the unit to go outside and look for a teddy bear, but when I walked out, things were different, entire buildings were gone and everything had changed. I drove around the parking lot and waited for the kids to stop playing baseball for a minute while I was driving out. I had to talk to a cop, but everyone was covering for me so they did not know I had robbed a bank. I remember two guys with absurdly large dicks, and they were waiting for a girl to fuck for a video. I recall being jealous about it. I wonder if the games I play and binge watching Game of Thrones is affecting what I dream about. these things I have dreamt about repeatedly in the past week or so. the video game thing is repeated. police is repeated. driving and running is repeated. fighting monsters and demons is repeated. I have dreamed a lot about fighting. a lot.