Got in trouble by my history teacher

Date: 3/6/2019

By Luke_V

I was in class and it was history period. We was leading something about how people used to live in Egypt. She wrote a whole essay down on the board and we had to copy it down. However, she left to get something. My friend pulled out his phone and started playing games. I noticed that he was playing the same game as me. So I asked him what level he was on the game, he said level 55. He then asked me what level I was on. I couldn’t remember, so I pulled out my phone to check, just then when I pulled out my phone, the history teacher came back and saw me. She took away my phone and asked me if I had copied down anything from the board. She looked into my copy book and I did in fact copy all down. Then she asked me to explain what the note says. I stood up and glared down at the note. I didn’t even read a single word of it or pay attention to what she was saying during the note. My eyes couldn’t even see the note properly. I ended up getting in trouble and was sent outside. I don’t know what this dream could mean because I am usually always good student and I’m one of my history teacher’s favorite students.