Date: 2/1/2017

By ziggy

I had a dream my mom and I joined a new form of Christian church, but it ended up being a cult. We went to two services and we saw that they had powers to make it storm when they wanted it to and they prayed to animals and sang hymns to the tune of the ABCs and Jingle Bell Rock. A lady told me (me, a gender non-conforming transmale) that she enjoyed having me at their church, but that I would have to lighten and grow out my hair. Getting on a bus to leave, I had a nightmare within the dream that the bus driver was crazy and he drove through the median on the highway and repeatedly flipped the bus. Still in the nightmare, I ended up at school and something/someone was chasing me down the hallway where I had to avoid obstacles. I finally got to my class and started yelling at my friends who were taunting me. Waking up from the nightmare (still in the dream), I found myself still in the classroom and those who I had yelled at in the nightmare were upset. My teacher and one of my closest friends asked if I was okay, and I apologized to those I had yelled at (apparently having slept-walked into the room and screamed at them). I told my friend about the church and that I think they had gotten into my head, and my friend went out to seek revenge for me. then my alarm went off.