i feel weird writing this down rip

Date: 4/12/2019

By chilipeppa

sooo... ive had a huge crush on my cousin literally since i dropped out of the womb and in my dream I was in uncle j and aunt C’s HUGE ass house that had a big ass open floor plan. It was so nice. And somehow everyone in my family knew about this crush and they thought it was cute and like encouraged it?? there was so many pics of us and memories they were sharing where i was all shy around him and want him to chase me around and stuff. Which is whatever when ur a kid it’s less weird but i’m 18 now. Still think he’s so hot tho he’s a dark haired skater stoner boy that’s my type 😬 what are u gonna do? And I only see him like once every 3 fuckin years so it doesn’t feel like we’re related. Anyway in the dream he came up to me at the age I am now and was like is it true bc apparently he wasn’t aware of it. And we were flirting and stuff and i was into it lmaoo sue me Then for some reason I kept changing locations to these super nice houses. They were usually built on private peninsulas and had swings in the yard. Idk why but I was just there chillin. I think it was my uncles place. It was so pretty and all misty over the water Ya that’s it nothing eventful but my dream felt so real and im kinda uncomfortable lol