Date: 8/14/2017

By virgofox

there was a rumour going around that there was a great treasure hiding in underground mazes and i was in a sandy, desert like area. very mayan. there was an above ground door, i knock. a man opens and closes it on me. a woman came back and handed me a blue leaf that also looked like a key. it had that days date and a previous date engraved on it that i don't remember. i walked down the stairs behind them for what felt like forever, eventually finding my way to the mazes. there were rooms lining the maze hallways, dorms, with people living and hanging out, a lot of people were just moving in. NO TREASURE?! so i leave, but a few days later it occurred to me that i had a key to this place, i could move into one of the rooms and search for the treasure. that must be what everybody else was there for! so i go back and i'm walking around this maze with a mattress looking for a room, and finally gain the courage to ask someone where i could stay. he seemed offended and told me it was a mayan school and i couldn't stay, called upstairs and asked the lady why they always gave away keys. she replied with just "MILLION" and hung up the phone. the rest of the dream gets blurry but something involving rubies from the legend of zelda happens and they were so pretty irl in person, so maybe there was a treasure after all?