Date: 6/23/2017


I was at the lake and i had killed this little pteradactle thing that looked red and feathery, and so i went swimming and this 3 foot dark grey baluga whale with a small mouth kept swimming behind me, so i was kicking it, then it tried biting a bunch like my sisters dog. So i kicked it harder on purpose, but it kept trying and wouldnt stop. So i punched it repeatedly. Still wouldnt stop, so i grabbed its throat and held it there till it stopped moving. Then i brought it up to my sister and grandmother to show them i caught dinner. Then we went up to camp (which looked like grams house but more wooden and we showed treven so he wouldnt have to be a afraid of swimming in the lake. Then i went upstairs to make a sandwich in the bedroom, and something about the sandwich made carbon monoxide get released more and we all went downstairs and didnt know what to do.