Random as fuk

Date: 5/6/2019

By Shantea

Started off with my family at I think my house, then we all went somewhere I think including camps and stuff. Idk but I ended up taking the bus to another location n I rmember doing so but I forget which house is first. Anyways, I ended up at an apartment w my ex living in it!! Now I remember lol she was texting me a lot saying she misses me but she’s pregnant lolllll so it don’t add up but I went there anyways. And some how we ended up at a school. We didn’t go to this school and this school was in session. It was like an elementary school & The whole time our goal was to go on the roof 😂 but once we were in I forget much that happened expect for once we made it on the roof the ppl I was w wanted to go steal food from the cafeteria lool and I said I was gunna wait and stay there. As I waited I rmember dangling my legs n becoming super comfortable there n ended up getting caught by someone . They told me get down 3 times before I listened. I remember once I was leaving I had to be sooooo spy like because I didn’t wanna get caught, and the system at the school to leave was sooo secure I guess to prevent student from skipping (how my brain make this up looool) . It’s like u have to sign out automatic, scan ur hand & ur book && idek how I ended up Getting out i had noooo scan or name I was jus walking thru && then finally I see the ppl from the beginning n they have soooo many eggs n bananas , we ran to the Mercedes n drove back home . As we were back at the apartment Vanessa’s baby dad was crying for her lol