Trippy lunch/dinner party

Date: 3/17/2017

By REMy_boys

I remember being at a party with my ex girlfriend. A Chris Brown song was playing that I could not recognize. I was in a room with a lot of tables. On the back wall near the food tables there were bathrooms titled 'Men' and 'Women'. My ex came up to me and asked which bathroom was the best to pee in. I told her the bathroom titled "Women". These were private one toilet bathrooms. There was another set of bathrooms on the front left side of the room. They were bigger bathrooms that you would typically see at any public venue. Before she went in, I told her to knock. She had just instantly twisted the doorknob. I said "knock, motherfucker". An Asian woman came out of the bathroom. My ex went in. After that, I only remember seeing a baby. There was an infant baby and it was sitting down puking up some white substance. Someone had said the baby had just eaten an entire jar of tartar sauce. Someone (or possibly myself) said "Tartar sauce in a jar? What the fuck is wrong with England?". I'm just now remembering, before all of this happened, I had remembered going out to a car and calling shotgun. My cousin Brian was out near the car with me trying to claim 'shotgun' for himself.