St. Patrick's Day Suicides

Date: 4/4/2017

By naturecreations

It was St. Patrick's day and I was at this I guess schoolish party at night, but everyone had brought their cars. We all stayed there until it was light out. Someone said, I don't know where it came from, that St. Patrick's Day was rated highest Day that people commit suicide on. I thought it could make sense because people are asked what are you lucky for and if they can't come up with something they might get pushed over the edge. Of course this was my dream and no one asks what you're lucky for, that sounds more like thanksgiving but whatever hahaha Anyway I stay for a bit longer and as I stay I try to think of ways that people could be included and not pushed over the edge and kill themselves. Once I thought for a while I went and got my car and left the event. A lot of people left, but there were still quite a dew people there. I know I was in a different car than what I have while I'm awake. It was throaty and fast and handled like a dream, though I didn't unleash its power because I was in a city, I had no idea what I even had, and I didn't want to get pulled over. A girl from my first school was in this yellow car that was way louder than my car, almost like a ricer, but it didn't look like one. It was an older looking convertible. I got into a right turning lane and she was trying to get around me anyway so I assumed she was going straight but she also when right and got in front of me. In that kind of situation I might have honked but might not have because the intersection was short after the turn and if the light turns red, although I'm thinking it was more like train tracks, you would have only two cars before it's the person turning onto the street that will have to be careful and most likely slam on their brakes because it's a blind corner. That's where my alarm went off. I actually had that road in my dream verify before. I've had a lot of those kind of dreams lately with using parts of dreamscapes over so that I can use them properly or something. Like I see the dreamscape first and move on and then later I actually use it.