The Veteran that Murdered Me

Date: 8/16/2017

By srey798

I had a dream last night that I was not me. I was a white woman in her mid 30's with natural and vibrant red hair. I was working at Ace Hardware but it seemed to also be a tech store. Anyways, I was helping a Veteran find a part for a hard drive (maybe a computer). Suddenly the lights flicked off and I knew that the power was shut off. An emergency light lit up between us but was very dim. I could see the shadows on his face and it looked quite eerie. "I think someone shut down the power so they could steal something. Would you mind trying to find that person?" I asked him. The veteran completely ignored my request and started talking to me about his mother. "I get a motherly vibe from you - one that resembles the one of my mother." I was confused because we were just in the dark with one single orange glow emitting some light in the room - talking about his mother. I was annoyed and anxious so I asked him again to please find the person who might of shut off the power since he was trained in combat. Again, I was ignored. "My mother was a lot like you. Very nurturing." It was at this moment he stepped backwards and disappeared in the darkness and reappeared right behind me. With a quick, swift movement, he pulled out a Swiss Army knife and slit my throat. I woke up. Thoughts and opinions on not only this dream but my other ones, please.