Unhealthy food before bed????

Date: 5/5/2017

By capoferricustoms

Well their were four of us driving in a car good friends all going to there place . Three guys there once we arrived an one friend in the back explained that this guys were no good as everyone exited the car the others got in and was like wow nice car can we take it for a ride ... the next thing I know is I am pinned down from the guy in the front seat lower his seat all the way as I was exiting the car somehow my arms were crossed the door was open and my feet were hanging out. No it all three of this guys in the car and I am pinned and bitching let up the fucking seat they are all laughing I somehow managed to wiggle my right arm out and grabbed the guys head in the passenger seat by the temples pinching it saying lift up your fucking seat or I will pop your head like a pea he does and I was yanking him back to kick him out of the moving car as I woke ... weird!!!