Giant Robot

Date: 7/27/2019

By tayezy

Giant robot with the power to incinerate people from a beam in his eyes. I’ve had this dream before. He was terrifying. He searched for people constantly. Geoff was not with me when this started happening and i didn’t even have a phone anymore and there was no way for me to find him. I had been running from the not for what felt like forever. At first I was at a house with some girls I don’t remember who, some I knew some I didn’t. We fled and I ended up finding this place that was like a giant Merry go round ride but it had space inside and doors and other rooms and stuff. Abner was there in one of the rooms. The head ladies recommended that we stay in the middle of it to keep safe from windows, but Abner wasn’t too worried. I also had a dog with me, I think his name was King. Abner kept trying to make me and him food. but when he would finish the robot would grab our “home” and shake us and turn us upside down and it would always get ruined. I imagined it was like trying to shake change from a piggy bank. I remember literally sliding into the wall, ending up laying on the ceiling, then the wall again, then the floor. We were close to a window in the room we were in and the robot put his face up to it and his eye was looking right at me. I saw it start to power up and it almost killed me, but I opened the door and slammed it behind me before he did. After a bit of time in there, I somehow left and the place I was staying in turned into a tiny version and I thought I was some kind of fairy because I had been so small to fit in there. I was about to try and turn myself small again to go back when I saw Brandon Jenner and Gavin and Bruce and a few more people running in a group and I stopped him and asked where they were going and he said to the top of a mountain far away. I was scared for myself, and felt like the longer I just stood around the moment He would come. and I asked if he would mind if I came too. He thought for a moment and then he said yes. I asked how they were getting there. He said flying. I thought about Geoffrey while we waited for our “transportation” and I wondered if he was still alive. I knew that if I went with them there was an even better chance of never seeing him again. I felt sad. But this was how I needed to survive. Brandon called this big drone to our location and it brought these floating things that you hold onto with your hands, a little bigger than a frisbee, and it locks your hands into place and it flies you that way. They said it would take us two days to get there. I remember we stopped at one point to sleep and we all slept kind of in a circle, and as I feel asleep next to them I woke up