Flamin' Oranges

Date: 1/17/2017

By CreepyLexi13

In my dream, we were in a lobby type setting and a bunch of other students from my grade and I were crowded around a reception desk. The only people I remember specifically were Avi and Jake. I remember Avi being there because she was annoying the hell out of me. And Jake is my best friend. My English teacher was behind this desk and this seemed to be a class. For some reason, we started to doing a "science experiment"? she placed a bunch of different types of balls (i think) on the floor, among them, an orange and a weird cat thing. Mrs. R. Wanted us to go around and see which of the objects were flammable. The rest of the dream i can't remember until near the end. We were all standing around the desk again and Jake went over to the wall behind us (it seemed like we were in a hallway? But still in the lobby? Idk) and he started practicing a dance move from drama and he did it really fast and without messing up and i was amazed. But i yelled at him because "Its too early to be practicing for drama!" it was funny.